Koastal Longboard Skateboards

Koastal 33" Meat Loaf Deluxe Longboard DECK ONLY



Koastal represents an all around love for boarding by uniting characteristics of surf and skate to produce a truly unique product that is unlike any other board in the skateboard industry. Each Koastal skateboard has a classic, natural, and timeless style that will appeal to riders both young and old.

Comes complete and ready to surf the streets!

This board is part of the “Meat Loaf” Series. Just like mom used to make except we take the best of what’s leftover in the wood shop to produce this tasty little morsel. Its our little contribution to minimizing waste because every little bit helps. And if that’s not enough the “Meat Loaf” is the first fairly limited edition production board. Why is it fairly limited you ask? That’s because every 6th deck the stringer pattern changes. So more than likely you will never see the same board twice.

The Meat Loaf Deluxe is an awesome board! Great for carving, sliding, and you can pump this board up and down the streets all day long without having to push the board (see the video below). This board measures 33" in length which makes for a great board for just about anyone. With slight concave and camber it will have slight flex to it. The wheel base is pushed out pretty far on this little board which also makes for a more stable ride. Similar board to the Meat Loaf Deluxe is the Pin Tail. 

Deck Info:

Dimensions: L – 33” * W – 9”
Wheel Base: 25"
Wood: Aspen, Mahogany, Purple heart, and a mixture of Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange dyed Maple Veneers. The core of this board is 5 ply maple.
Bottom: Natural Maple
Shape: Slight concave, slight camber
Grip: Lucid Grip

Complete setup: 
Hardware: Standard mounting hardware.
Bearings: Psycho Swiss Tech
Wheel:  Coyote Alpha Wheels - 70mm / 78a
Trucks: Revenge Alpha I  w/ Medium Bushings